Adam Chew Yong Soon

Big fan of Hamilton

Agnes Natasya

happy tummy happy me

Andy Lam

coffee, climbing and computers.

Aung Thuya Oo

I learnt Computer Science to make video games!

Bill Chee

I have great things to do and places to be

Cai Jiaxiu

I'm Jiaxiu, year 4 CS student.

Calvin Chen Xingzhu

good at being bored

Chan Wai Hon Jonathan

Need more time...

Chow Yi Wai

I am a Year 3 Computer Science and Mathematics student.

Chow Yi Yin

I am Yi Yin, a Year 3 Computer Science and Mathematics undergraduate.

Christian James Welly

Putting the J Welly in a "Job Welly Done"

Christopher Goh Zhen Fung

gimme some hotpot and i'll code

Daniel Wong Yong Shen

Fixing phones and debugging code are but two sides of the same coin.

David Choo

I love anime, code and stars

Dong SiJi

I like myself a good meme.

Elliot Tan

someone get me a dog please!!

Gabriel Tan Chuan En

A generalist by nature. On top of doing full-stack development, of course.

Georgie Lee

True bliss is when your hands never leave the keyboard. Zealous vim, tmux user.

He Xinyue

what, so everyone's supposed to sleep every single night now?

Ho Hol Yin

I like to swim!

Jiang Yuxin

I am passionate about coding and cooking.

Jon Chua

Can good code and good sleep coexist?

Lim Yong Shen, Kevin

Programmer, foodie and (amateur) investor.

Liu Guangyuan (Gary)

// TODO: think of something cool

Liu Zechu

I have discovered a truly marvellous description, which this margin is too narrow to contain.

Liu Zimu

'0' is start.

Mario Lorenzo

Tomorrow will be a better day

Na Nazhou

I love spicy food

Nelson Tan Kok Yi

Amazing and fun!

Neo Ming Jie

Feed me and I will work

Ong Yan Chun

i'm also known as Yanch. i wonder what the character limit is for this one-line description—

Otto Alexander Sutianto

Impossible we do, Miracle we try

Pan Yongjing


Phillmont Muktar

I code fueled by glycogen.

Poh Lin Wei

Seeking simplicity in chaos.

Tan Jin Ying


Wang Runding

Come for NUS Guitar Ensemble concert:)

Yehezkiel Raymundo Theodoroes

Bread is roti, friend is kawan, before you mati, stay safe everywan.

Yen Ren Zuo Brian

Coder and Design Enthusiast

Yoke Kai Xin

I'm Kai Xin and well, a happy person ( :P) who loves to attempt a variety of things for exposure ...


Alistair Ong

hello i really love food, good food, and a good guitar on the side :)

Ang Zhi Yuan

My name is Zhi Yuan, and I like hardware!

Au Liang Jun

Perpetually bed hungry.

Brandon Ng Wei Jie

TDD Battle Hardened Software Engineer, Cloud Robotic Enthusiast

Caryn Heng Zhi Xuan

haha no way I'll stop at just one-line irl

Eloise Lim Yiying

As colourful as rainbow, as cheerful as Elo

Fabian Terh Jun Wei

Law got boring, so I picked up computer science instead 😎

Fung Si Qi

Final year Communications and New Media kid that's exploring whether UIUX can be my thing for the...

Herbert Ilhan Tanujaya

Let's build cool stuff together!

Huynh Thanh Duc Anh

Shoot for the stars but if you happen to miss shoot for the moon instead.

Jason Chong Yi Sheng

Time you have enjoyed wasting is not time wasted.

Jeremy Tan Kai Qun

I eat, I play, I code

Jerrell Ezralemuel

a wkwkland fellow.

Julius Putra Tanu Setiaji

def qsort([]), do: [] def qsort([x | xs]), do: qsort(for a when a < x <- xs, do: a) ++ [x] ++ qso...

Julius Sander

Brought to you by caffeine

Karen Frilya Celine

Never give up without a fight

Koh Chi Hao

I like fried chicken.

Koh Jun Wei

Roses are red; Violets are blue; I am great; And so are you;

Koh Zheng Qiang Shawn

I like building impactful products!

Lau Kar Rui

board games and bbt

Liau Jian Jie

Competitive burger eater

L V Sree Subbash

Going places. Don't know where.

Melodies Sim Ming Hui

Did you know the full quote: A jack of all trades is a master of none, but oftentimes better than...

Nguyen Thanh Son

A full-stack developer who likes back-end development with Python.

Ooi Ming Sheng

Don't skip leg day.

Rachael Yong

pistachio gelato addict, automotive & aerial photographer, thinker & globetrotter

Ranald Lam Yun Shao

i like coffee liqueur - sometimes i sleep, sometimes i don't

Rayner Lim

I design and code, and am passionate about building great products and services.

Rohan Arya Varma

year 2 ceg student who prefers coffee without sugar and tea with sugar

Sashankh Chengavalli Kumar

A curious and fun loving person with a passion to learn

Sujay R Subramanian

fear not the forest, but the flame within

Tan LongBin

Some call me Long, others call me Bean, but it's been long since someone called me LongBin.

Tan Yong He

I'm self-declared allergic to vegetables :')

Travis Ching Jia Yea

Team player, fun, laid back but responsible.

Vanessa Kwa

Just that seemingly shy yet enthusiastic and driven year 4 CNM uxui designer

Vivian Ngiam Ling Li

Seeing a spider in my room isn't scary. What's scary is when it d i s a p p e a r s .

Zhu Hanming

eat sleep commit weep


Ang Yee Chin

One line is too short to describe how awesome I am

Anthony Tantra

Just a civil engineer passionate about building buildings and developing applications :D

Charis Anne Lim

actually lowkey wants to be a farmer in japan that grows melon and strawberries

Chiang Weng Kiat

You cannot connect the dots looking forward, only backwards

Edmund Mok

Looking for a job starting 2019.

Ewald Hew

if (Boolean.toString(condition).equals("true")) { return null; } // ⋃𝇙╽ʗ∘𐌃Ɛ 🅱Ɽ𝚘Қﻍ

Foo Guo Wei

It is not enough to have a good mind; the main thing is to use it well.

Herald Yu Hong

Think music. Write code.

John Phua Tai Da

Input: tea --> Output: code

Jonathan Chen Yisheng

If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants

Lim Hui Qi

Gamer, develop games, otaku, dancer.

Luo Yuyang

Loading ...

Mai Ngoc Thien Trang

This is the beginning of something great.

Nicholas Lui Ming Yang

Normal is overrated

Qiu Siqi


Qiu Siyu

We've taken the world apart, but we have no idea what to do with the pieces.

Samuel Henry Kurniawan

I gain ATP by processing my code

Sreyans Sipani

Eat. Sleep. Code. Repeat.

Suyash Shekhar

learning how to learn

Tan E-Liang

Master of edge cases

Tan Su Yee

I like cats

Tay Yu Jia

Lorem ipsum dolo

Trung Hiếu Lê

I love eating :D

Vu Xuan Minh

A blast to be around with

Wong Kang Fei

Sic Parvis Magna

Wu Zhaoxuan

Why be good when you can be great?

Wyin Kok

Bubble tea enthusiast

Yong Lin Han

I work hard so that I can be lazy


Aaron Ong Chong Shi


<script>alert(' I tried. I failed. I'm still trying. ')</script>

Apoorva Ullas


Eat Sleep Code Repeat

Bai Chuan


the funniest guy in the group

Chan Jin Jia


Always curious. Always honest. Always (marginally) hilarious.

Chan Khan


('eat', 'sleep', 'code')[random()] # def random(): return 2

Charlton Lim


Always looking for interesting stuff to do.

Chng Hui Yie


The 'e' is silent but I'm not a very silent person.

Chua Lin Jing


I like building stuff, reading stuff and swimming and as you can see I am not very creative lol

Curtis Tan Wei Jie


Try, fail, and strive again.

Danielle Chan Xin Yun


I have a talent in whistling.

Fan Weiguang



Goh Wei Wen


Chaotic Neutral

Ho Yi Hang


I write code

Jeremy Jee De Sheng


I'm a person who is always lost, always exploring and always discovering.

Kushagra Goyal


Never say die

Lai Cheng Yu


I play code and write bridge

Lau Shi Jie

Business, FASS

I like to sleep.

Li Zihan


I love seafood!

Liew Yu Young Jovin


I have a sprained thumb from skiing :-(

Lim Jia Yee


Anything but コーヒー。

Lim Ta Eu


I make games

Liu Zhiqun


To appreciate the impermanence

Martynas Kausas


Exchange student from the US excited about building products with potential to become businesses.

Maximilianus Kusnadi


I am a chill dude

Ng Jun Wei


I am a very simple noob

Ng Si Kai


Music makes me lose control, Music makes me lose control

Oh Han Gyeol


My name is Han, just Han

Ong Jing Yin


My blood is 36% teh bing

See Loo Jane


I like cats and sleeping.

See Soon Kiat


Be hungry for creativity

Stefano Chiesa Suryanto


lowercase is so cool, i like it

Tan Kai Meng Wilson


Coding's pretty fun

Tan Zheng Wei


I hope you like naps too

Wang Riwu


The only limit to your impact is your imagination and commitment.

Won Jun Ru Daphne


Sometimes I will do slightly crazy things out of randomness


Bui Do Hiep


Like pink colour, love loyalty

Chua Yao Hui


{name: 'Chua Yao Hui',class: '2017',school: 'Yale-NUS College',interests: ['music', 'travelling',...

Dinh Viet Thang


One-Line to rule them all !

Emmanuel Yien Goh


<hr> is probably the easiest one-liner there is

Huang Bohan


Always young.

Huang Lie Jun


Larry Is Nice to Everyone

Irvin Lim Wei Quan


I have way too many hobbies

Jiang Sheng


This is One-Line Description About Myself

Ken Oung Yong Quan


I don't eat vegetables

Lam Chi Thanh


Pursuing my dream in so far the happiest way I can :D.

Le Xuan Manh


Hardworking, quick learning, professional, dedicated, easy to work with.

Lee Kai Yi


I like to do one stupid thing a day

Leon Mak An Sheng


Still looking for the perfect one-liner..

Li Jia'En Nicholette



Louie Tan Yi Jie


Louie'); DROP TABLE users; --

Melvin Tan Jun Keong

Computing, Science

I've had more suppers than breakfasts in my life.

Nam Jun Jie Derek


I don't really like meat

Ng Chuen Weng Eugene



Ng Xu Jie


Man can be defeated but not destroyed.

Ng Zhi An


I want to hack on software that people love and use, that can make our world better.

Nguyen Anh Quan


Photographer by day, coder by night (:

Nguyen Huu Thanh


Better, Faster, Stronger.

Nguyen Tuong Van


I sleep listening to Metallica.

Patrick Cho Chung Ting


I share 3 similarities with Dr. Andrew Ng. Too bad being a Machine Learning Expert is not one of ...

Piyush Varanjani


I religiously meet every week, at least one person smarter than me, to learn/chat/explore possib...

Ryan Heng Rui Yan


I am a simple man. :)

Shen Yichen


Die only, nehmind one.

Si Junke


.. / .-.. --- ...- . / -.-. --- -.. . ... --..-- / .- .-.. .-.. / -.- .. -. -.. ... / --- ..-. / ...

Tan Jia Min Michelle


Gudetama is me (⊃◜⌓◝⊂)

Ten Zhi-Yang


During my free time I put on a mask and use a stick to hit people.

Tran Cong Thien


A n00b trying to break things

Varun Kumar Patro

Computing, Business

NUS Hackers, Full Stack Developer, Ultimate Frisbee Player

Wang Jinghan


The description about me is about the impression about you.

Wang Yanhao

Computing, Science

Life is a never-ending adventure, I am determined to seek for new and exiting treasures it offers.

Yang Zhuohan


Hackers and painters, coders and pianists.

You Jing


A programmer knows how to draw, and probably an artist knows how to code.

Yuan Yu Chuan


Curious and Overworked Environmentalist. May contain nuts.

Zhang Hanming


Love adventure, technology and making all kinds of friends.

Zhang Yijiang


Doing a double degree on underwater basket weaving

Zhu Liang


(() => {alert('Presume good faith.');})();


Anand Sundaram


Student by day, dreamer by night

Andhieka Putra


A cheerful programmer who strongly believes "if you can think it, you can code it!"

Ang Ming Yi


An east sider whom is exploring app development and awfully passionate about security

Cheah Kit Weng


Come and have a chat with me.

Chen Jingwen


interested in engineering, coffee, PL theory and subcultures.

Ding Xiang Fei

Computing, Science

:(){ :|:& };: <= It is the DRYest 'thing' I have ever seen.

Evan Sebastian


INTP, B-type blood, enneagram type 3.

Gan Mei Lan


People say I'm the key revenue driver of Qoo10 (online shopping site)...

Haritha Ramesh


I have to be successful because I have expensive taste.

Huang Yue


Too young too simple, sometimes naive

Karen Ang Mei Yi


print('curious explorer of the infinite universe.')

Koh Wai Kit


Your friendly neighbourhood normal guy :D

Lai Hoang Dung


Wannabe full-stack developer who also has an interest in hacking and programming language impleme...

Le Ba Hieu Giang


Gray-Mane or Battle-Born?

Lei Mingyu


Leong Wei Ming


Friendly Neighbourhood Web Slinger

Lim Kiang Teng


I seldom end up where I wanted to go, but almost always end up where I need to be

Liu Yang


They call me double-eyebrow = =

Naomi Leow Wen Xin


Thermophobic night owl who likes some excitement in life

Nathan Azaria


Handsome and funny (sometimes) algorithm guy who like challenges.

Ngiaw Ting An Ian


I'm a big ass nerd

Nguyen Cao Nhat Linh

Engineering, Computing

Nguyen Tan Sy Nguyen


Been dating with computer for 7 years.

Nguyen Viet Dung


Quite shy at the beginning but funny when you get to know me more.

Patricia Wong Xi Wei


Pat derives her self motivation from her love and passion for the things she do.

Qua Zi Xian


I like Linux and server-related stuff

Quek Chang Rong Sebastian


The Climbing Coder.

Rahij Ramsharan


I think I know what I don't know.

Sharon Lynn


I'm still an unpolished gem, ready to take in more pain to be polished.

Sue Zheng Hao


Interestingly uninteresting....and unable to be creative on the spot :P

Tan Mun Aw


Learn hard, work hard, play harder.

Tan Sei Yee


Tech illiterate (like seriously), aspiring designer

Tham Zheng Yi


I may not immediately know what I need to, but I'm gonna find out :^)

Tjong Anthony


I'm awesome. That's all you need to know.

Wang Minwei

Business, Computing

Outgoing person wishing to know new things

Watt Yi Ting


Very clichéd... but I'd really like to live without regrets!

Xu Bili


I have a Chinese name that sounds like an English name.

Yeo Quan Yang


I code better when I'm drunk.

Yeo Zi Xian, Justin

Engineering, Computing

I'm terrible at one-line descriptions.

Yong Shan Xian


Zheng Yuan


I always feel hungry about new knowledges and...well.. food.