Assignment 1 - Life of a Facebook Application

In this assignment, students learn about the development life cycle of a web-based Facebook Application, learn to utilize the Graph API and choosing the suitable client-side and server-side development toolsets for building their application. Students are also encouraged to explore on related topics like user experience (UX) design and basic web security.

Assignment 2 - Application Seminar

In order to build good and original applications, it is important to learnt what other people have already done — and think critically about what is good and bad, as well as explore ways to improve and to generate new ideas. In addition, it is important to learn how to articulate one's ideas in a clear and succinct way both orally and in writing. The application seminar is designed to help students both (i) gain a better understanding of existing applications; (ii) learn how to present (or sell one's ideas) and (iii) learn how to articulate their ideas on paper.

Assignment 3 - Mobile Cloud Application

The high-level goal of this assignment is simple: a working Progressive Web Application that utilizes the capabilities of a mobile device and is able to persist the users' data in the cloud. Your task is to demonstrate that you can design and implement RESTful APIs, as well as build a Progress Web App that consumes your API. You can use any backend language and/or framework you desire.

Final Project

The Final Project is where you will showcase to the world your creativity and talents. There are no limits on what students can do for the final problem, though the expectation is that it must be a "cool" application or product.